A history from the point of view of the ones who helped to write the history of Iochpe-Maxion Group.

José Antonio Correia Rodrigues

The engineer José Antonio Correia Rodrigues began his career as an intern at the Cruzeiro plant when it was still run by FNV. He started out in the auto parts sector before moving to the railway business, where he became one of the sector’s best-known executives. He was one of the leaders behind the transformations that followed Iochpe-Maxion’s takeover of FNV. New Business Director since 2008, José Antonio shared his thoughts on the company’s growth and internationalization during an interview with the Iochpe Centennial Project in May 2018.

Marcos Sérgio de Oliveira

An engineer with an extensive international career in the automotive industry, Marcos Sérgio de Oliveira has been Iochpe-Maxion CEO since 2014. He joined the company in 2012, actively participating in the Company’s internationalization focused on the production of wheels and structural components, accentuated that year by the acquisitions of Hayes Lemmerz and Inmagusa. In an interview with the Iochpe Centennial Project in 2018, he spoke about some of the challenges of fusing century-old corporate cultures and the Group’s current opportunities for growth.

Francisco Antonio de Souza Manso

Francisco Antonio de Souza Manso started early at AmstedMaxion, back when it was still FNV – Fábrica Nacional de Vagões. After graduating from Unesp in 1977 with a degree in engineering, he was hired by FNV, and remained with the company through the acquisitions by Engesa in 1983 and Icohpe-Maxion in 1990. In a interview with the Iochpe Memory Project in 2006, the engineer spoke of some key moments in his long history with the company.

Armando Ulbricht

Born in 1949, Armando Ulbricht took a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a post-graduation in Business Administration. He started working at the Cruzeiro plant in 1985, when FNV – Fábrica Nacional de Vagões was still part of Engesa. In his interview with the Iochpe Memory Project, he shared the milestones of his involvement in the company’s growth since the 1980s.

Nildemar Secches

In an interview given to the Iochpe Memory Project on July 21, 2006, the USP-trained mechanical engineer with a specialization in finances and economics shared the high points of his role in the company’s evolution since the 1980s.

Ivoncy Ioschpe

Ivoncy Ioschpe hails from Marcelino Ramos, Rio Grande do Sul. The second child of Clara Brochman and Salomão Ioschpe, he was born on September 18 1939, two years after his sister, Elcy.
Ivoncy comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. His father, Salomão Ioschpe, drew upon the experience of his own father, Gregório, who was animportant logger in the region, and set up a lumber firm in Marcelino Ramos. In this, he was following a family tradition that stretched all the way back to its lumberjack origins in the forests of Russia.