Find here short and interesting histories about the activities of Iochpe-Maxion during the 100 years of existence.

Paying in grain

Did you know that one of the solutions Iochpe-Maxion came up with to minimize the agricultural sector crisis in the 1990s was to receive payment in grain?

Iochpe in the saddle

Did you know that, in the 1950s, a hotly-disputed derby was held at the race track in Livramento, Rio Grande do Sul, called the “Iochpe Brothers Classic”?

A million motors

Did you know that, in 1990, Maxion’s millionth motor was produced at its unit in São Bernardo do Campo?

Certified-quality wheels

Did you know that wheels produced by Fumagalli, acquired by Iochpe-Maxion in 2009, were used at the first car-racing grand prix in Brazil?