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Iochpe-Maxion ahead of its time

Did you know that Iochpe-Maxion’s environmental awareness goes back to long before the whole green concept became widespread?

A change of corporate culture at the Cruzeiro unit

Did you know that the company that controlled FNV—Fábrica Nacional de Vagões (National Wagons Factory) when Iochpe-Maxion took it over was a specialist in the production of tactical military trucks?

Maxion Motores

Did you know that Iochpe-Maxion was a motor manufacturer for almost two decades?

Iochpe and the agricultural sector

Did you know that the Iochpe Group’s first industrial activities in the automotive segment were in the agricultural machinery sector in the 1980s?

The pioneering Cruzeiro plant

Did you know that Iochpe-Maxion bought the Cruzeiro industrial plant from FNV – Fábrica Nacional de Vagões (National Wagons Factory)?

Developments in wheel manufacture

After the acquisition of the FNV – Fábrica Nacional de Vagões Cruzeiro plant in 1990, where wheels were already being manufactured, Iochpe-Maxion rolled out a strategic growth plan for the segment that—three decades later—continues to pay dividends. The plan was designed to step up production, boost sales, increase investment in process improvement and technology, and…

The Iochpe Group and incentives for Brazilian industrialization in the 1960s and 70s

Operating in the lumbering business since its foundation in 1918, the Iochpe Group intensified its diversification in the 1960s, moving into the financial sector with the acquisition of bank charters from the recently created Central Bank. Through one of its financial companies, Iochpe S.A. – Credit, Financing and Investments, in Rio Grande do Sul, Iochpe…