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Family Ioschpe comes to Brazil

Gregorio Iochpe joins a group of families sent by the Jewish Colonization Association from Russia to form the colony of "Quatro Irmãos" in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


Founded Iochpe

With interest in the lumber business, Gregorio Iochpe establishes "Engenho d 'água" in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


Solomon Ioschpe begins a Business

Solomon Ioschpe begins to sell timber.


Founded Iochpe, Irmão & Filhos

The Iochpe Group is formed with its partners: Gregorio Iochpe, Miguel Ioschpe, Moyses Ioschpe, Solomon Ioschpe and Israel Iochpe. The group will trade in timber of pine logs and beams.


Iochpe enters to fruit growing business

Sagrisa was intended to culturing apples, peaches and peas to industry and manufacturing of preserves, canned fruits and jams.


Sale of Agricultural Machinery

Iochpe becomes Massey sales agent in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, for agricultural machinery and equipment creating a new industry, "Auto-Agrícola".


Banco Iochpe de Investimentos S.A.

The Iochpe Group enters the financial market with the formation of “ICREFI, Iochpe SA - Crédito, Financiamento e Investimentos” and “DICREFI - Distribuidora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários Ltda,” a new business branch, creating a profound change in the company structure.


Acquisition of Indústria de Máquinas Agrícolas Ideal

The Iochpe Group enters the automotive industry acquiring “Indústria de Máquinas Agrícolas Ideal,” located in Santa Rosa, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. "Ideal" was a manufacturer of harvesters and tractors.


Iochpe Invests in Digital Technology

The Iochpe Group begins to invest in digital technology with the purchase of shares in “Edisa Eletrônica Digital S/A.”


Iochpe joins to pulp and paper industry

The Iochpe Group, Klabin and Votorantim establish the joint venture, “Rio Grande Companhia de Celulose do Sul - Riocell.”


Merger of Iochpe and Massey Ferguson Perkins S.A.

The Iochpe Group acquires “Massey Ferguson Perkins SA,” including the agricultural machinery and engine factories to consolidate them and prepare to participate in the automotive industry.


Iochpe joins São Paulo Stock Exchange

The Iochpe Group joins the São Paulo Stock Exchange with its Initial Public Offering (IPO).


Withdrawal from Investment Banking Services

The Iochpe Group ends its partnership with “Banke Trust” ceasing its activities in the financial market in order to focus its investments in industrial growth.


Fundação Iochpe

The Iochpe Group forms the Fundação Iochpe as a non-profit organization. One of the first such institutions established by a corporation to focus on the development, improvement and renewal of the voluntary sector.


Maxion Brand

Massey Perkins S.A, becomes “Maxion S.A.,” later to become a part of the Iochpe brand.


Acquisition of FNV

The Iochpe Group acquires “FNV- Fábrica Nacional de Vagões,” grantig a new market share and expanding the company’s auto parts business.


Acquisition of wheel assembly line

The Iochpe Group acquires the wheels assembly line for agriculture equipment, trucks and buses. The purchase provides a production of approximately 30 thousand wheels per month positioning the company as a major industry player.


Acquisition of Eluma Autopeças

Iochpe-Maxion acquires an industrial plant in Contagem (MG) from Eluma Autopeças, diversifying its automotive components portfolio and reaching a new level of market leadership.



The Iochpe Group changes its name to Iochpe-Maxion, incorporating the auto parts brand with the corporate identity.


Withdrawal from Agriculture Sector

Iochpe-Maxion sells its agricultural assets to AGCO, Massey Ferguson’s owner.


Iochpe joins Volkswagens

Iochpe-Maxion joins Volkswagen in the assembly of a Volkswagen truck built in an industrial plant in Resende, Brazil. Known as "Modular Consortium."


Production of the S10 chassis frame

Iochpe-Maxion produces the S10 vehicle chassis frame.


Merge of Iochpe and Amsted

With the formation of Amsted-Maxion, the Iochpe Group becomes a global manufactorer of freight wagons and railway components..


Acquisition of Cobrasma Assets

AmstedMaxion acquires Cobrasma assets in Osasco and Hortolândia, Brazil, and doubles its production capacity.


Iochpe-Maxion completes public offering

Iochpe-Maxion completes public offering of no-vote shares, resulting in a participation increase of non-controlling new investors in the company, growing both volume of transactions and liquidity.


Iochpe opens a new plant in China

Iochpe-Maxion opens commercial vehicle steel wheel plant in Nantong, China, with capacity for 600,000 wheels per year for the European and Asian markets.


Iochpe-Maxion enters "Novo Mercado"

Iochpe-Maxion enters the "Novo Mercado" trading segment of BM& FBOVESPA.


Acquisition of Fumagalli

Iochpe-Maxion acquires Fumagalli from ArvinMeritor, producing light vehicle steel wheels in Limeira, Brazil, and San Luis Potosi, Mexico.


Iochpe-Maxion joins Montich S.A.

Iochpe-Maxion acquires 50% stake of Montich S.A., Argentina, to establish the joint venture, Maxion Montich S.A. “Montich” as a manufacturer of stringers, chassis and stamped parts for commercial vehicles.


Iochpe becomes an International Group

Increasing its international market share penetration, Iochpe-Maxion creates two divisions: Maxion Structural Components and Maxion Wheels, and establishes the joint venture AmstedMaxion.


Acquisition of Galaz/Inmagusa

Iochpe-Maxion acquires the Galaz/Inmagusa Group, a Mexican manufacturer of steel vehicle stringers, increasing its U.S. market share of structural components.


Iochpe-Maxion becomes the world leader in the production of automotive wheels

Iochpe-Maxion acquires Hayes Lemmerz, a global company manufacturer of automotive steel wheels for light and commercial vehicles and aluminum for commercial vehicles, with 17 industrial plants in U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Spain, Italy, South Africa, India and Thailand. With this purchase, Iochpe-Maxion becomes the world leader in the production of automotive wheels and a leading producer of automotive structural components in the Americas.


Amsted-Maxion joins Greenbrier

AmstedMaxion and Greenbrier establish joint venture Greenbrier Maxion. Greenbrier is a leader in U.S. manufacturing and freight transportation services.


New Aluminum Wheels Plant

Maxion Wheels opens a new plant in Limeira, Brazil to produce light vehicle aluminum wheels.


New Plants in India and Argentina

Iochpe-Maxion begins production of two new plants. One in Pune, India, to produce light vehicle aluminum wheels, and in Cordoba, Argentina to produce stampings for Renault Nissan